TIME at Coyote Canyon 2014 Featuring Ai Weiwei and Bert Benally

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EILEEN BRAZIEL Art Advisors and Fine Arts brings together forward thinking conceptual artists, designers, consultants, and clients at a contemporary art space located in downtown Santa Fe.

The most significant asset offered by the firm is its personal curatorial vision from specialists in art-advising experience—which includes important public and private art projects to their placement at city and state organizations, non-profit organizations, museums, corporations, and residences in multi-media.

EBAA ’s philosophy is based on relational aesthetics: a concept that promotes the myriad effects of transformation when the artist, advisor, collector, community, and environment align as one constantly unfolding entity.

Art Advisor Eileen Braziel currently developed a non-profit foundation that supports current projects including the Navajo Nation Museum, and New Mexico Arts' Art in Public Places. iLSAF (International Land-Sensitive Art Foundation) provides funding for artists and aids in producing art programs that promote site specific land projects: iLSAF link

2014-2015 iSAF will support TIME (Temporary Installations Made for the Environment) at Coyote Canyon which funds artists'  land-sensitive art projects. TIME link

Eileen Braziel has been an Independent Curator for over 20 years in New York, Florida, Los Angeles, Colorado, and New Mexico, and her expertise and strength is producing Installation, and time-based art projects.


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